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     Hmm, the history of the Spud Gun is a varied and somewhat unknown one.  As far as I have ever heard the idea originated during a gathering of guys in their back yard, and a case of beer most likely.  Apparently as the story goes they got the idea stuck in their heads to make a barrel of sorts out of empty aluminum beer cans.  The tops and bottoms were cut off, the cans jointed probably with duct tape, with the bottom left on the very bottom can and a small hole punched in it.  Then as the story goes, a tennis ball or similar sized object was shoved down the muzzle of the device, and a small amount of gasoline was poured through the hole in the bottom.  Then either straws were drawn, or more probable, the bravest (see drunkest) would hold a match or lighter to the hole and if the gods of things that go boom were willing, there would be a huge WHOOMP, and the projectile would be fired out of the gun.  

     Now lets look at the above story for a minute to make sure that no one gets the wrong ideas from it.  For starters alcohol and explosives are a bad combination in any form.  One should never operate a spud gun or anything else dangerous or complicated while under the fuzzy effects of alcohol, or any other drug or sedative.  Second, aluminum cans joined with duct tape would not withstand the forces generated by the ignition of GASOLINE!  Gas can be use as a propellant, but its generally not advised as its rather tricky, and extremely dangerous.  Third, the device would not have functioned very well with a hole in it, because the pressure would be allowed to escape.  The pressure is supposed to escape, but its intended direction is out the barrel, forcing the projectile of choice to do the same, and create the desired effect of flight.

     That being covered, so no half wit little kids or adults kill or injure themselves and blame my site for it, go check out the General Knowledge section to learn about the many different types of spud guns and may other very useful things.